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Secrets Of Natural Healing Retreats

Spring is a time of awakening, and an annual opportunity to start fresh. I love being able to shed winter’s bulky layers and reconnect with my body! Don’t you?

           This time of year, nature supports clean eating by providing us with fresh fruits and veggies to detox our bodies from the heavier meals of the colder months, while the

warmer weather encourages us to open our windows, breathe deep, and get outside to exercise and play more.

To help you “spring” into the season, I have 2 FREE tools that will make it easy and exciting to take charge of your health right now

Alkaline and Vegan Gourment delicious Meals

Rejuvenation & Detoxification of the Body

Release of Trauma and Pain from your Body

Holistic Analysis and Therapies

Sunrise Yoga

Sunset Dance Lessons

Silent Hike to a Beautiful Waterfall

Campfire Motivational Speakers


Whether you’re a seasoned detox pro or you’re not even sure what a detox is, this guide will have you feeling lighter, livelier and more energized using simple, sustainable steps

  • The Healing Arts Learning Center
  • Fundamentals classes
  • Dietary Theories
  • A fresh perspective about the kind of life you have the power to create for yourself
  • A supportive community of staff  dedicated to your success

Our team has created a beautiful Spring DetoxAroma Therapy




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